Abortion In Obamacare


Names of Insurance Carriers and Their Elective-Abortion Coverage:

  1. Hawaii Medical Service Association (11): All plans cover elective abortion. (2018 plan documents)
  2.  Kaiser (11): All plans cover elective abortion (2018 plan documents)

Summary:  There are 22 Individual plans offered by two insurance carriers for 2018 on the Hawaii exchange.

In 2018, 100% of plans on the federally-facilitated marketplace in Hawaii cover elective abortion. Since the first open enrollment period in 2014, Hawaii’s marketplace has never offered any Individual/Family plan that excludes elective abortion.

Email us at info@obamacareabortion.com with any concerns you may have regarding Hawaii’s lack of abortion-free healthcare options.  


Exchange is part of the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (F) or State-Run (S): F

Website: https://www.healthcare.gov

State Exchange Elective Abortion Opt-Out: No

Number of 2018 Insurance Carriers: 2

  • Total Number of Plans: 22
  • Number of Plans that Cover Elective Abortion: 22
  • Number of Plans that Do Not Cover Elective Abortion: 0
  • Number of Plans with Unknown Coverage: 0

State Has Multi-State Plans (MSPs): No

If yes, Number of MSPs: n/a

MSPs That Do Not Cover Elective Abortion:  n/a


Red= Covers elective abortion

Orange= Some plans cover elective abortion/Unknown

Green= Does not cover elective abortion

*Bold denotes that this Insurance Carrier is new to the 2018 Marketplace


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